Fermob CUUB Tealight Holders - Set of 3

Fermob CUUB Tealight Holders - Set of 3

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When Tristan Lohner sets his mind to designing a candle jar, the result is as good as his previous creations!
Like Balad, this small accessory is perfectly proportioned with soft, rounded lines. With its colour combinations and transparencies it brings the final touch to banquets between friends or small dinners for two.

Composed of a coloured aluminium base and a polycarbonate diffuser, this new accessory is available in packs of 3, with a choice of colour universe: Sunset (Chili, Capucine and Pink praline), Vegetal (Willow green, Cactus and Rosemary) and the limited edition Trendy (Ice mint, Frosted lemon and Clay grey).

CUUB is the perfect decoration gift that is at home both inside and out!

Candle not provided


Fermob Item Code: 3080
Fermob CUUB Tealight Holders Technical Sheet (pdf, 301kb)

Fermob CUUB Tealights

WEIGHT: 0.3lbs


  • Aluminum base
  • Polycarbonate diffuser
  • Flexible polyethlyene base


Category: Fermob Furniture
made in France

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