French striped table cloth
Striped Table Cloths - bonmarche

Striped Table Cloths

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The dinner table is not fully dressed without a unique and colorful striped Bon Marché tablecloth. Each color pattern sets the mood and becomes a dramatic backdrop for casual meals or special gourmet dinners. A modern table setting, this tablecloth becomes the centerpiece for trying out special French recipes and entertaining for elegant dinners.
Bon Marché's highest quality 100% cotton canvas is artisan made from premium threads of dyed cotton that are warp and weft-twisted, fast colors that make any French dining experience perfect.
The exuberant colors are modern and fresh. The origin of Bon Marché fabrics echo the 150-year tradition of placing cotton fabric over the backs of the oxen and burros on the farms to protect them from the heat of the Mediterranean sun. Today, each modern design represents a different province in the French Pyrenees.
Any modern day chef will appreciate such a thoughtful approach to dressing their table for dinner.

Matching napkins, placemats and runners available.

DIMENSIONS: 120" x 64" or 120"x70"
Care: Machine Wash or Spot Clean

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