Le Jacquard Français Dishtowel Collection

Le Jacquard Français Dishtowel Collection


Timeless and sophisticated, the collection line reflects the essence of Le Jacquard Français’ philosophy. Creations with sumptuous, stunning colors and meticulous designs with a chic French look...
Le Jacquard Français Collection line is dedicated to elegance. Eclectic, its embodies the traveling spirit, communion with one’s environment and positive energy...It conveys the pleasure of getting together and sharing while striving to create harmony and the «spirit» of the moment.

A breath of fresh air announces the new season. Dark colours are rare. Sunny, spicy shades cheer the spirits and bright colours reflect the light. The themes represent a multitude of expressions, focusing on escape, travel, luxurious gardens, butterflies and flowers... Collection line tales on a hedonistic air...

This is certainly the best quality dish towels, very absorbent and will last forever.

Dimensions : 24" x 31" 

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