Le Jaquard Français Linen Napkins - bonmarche

Le Jaquard Français Linen Napkins

$34.00 per napkin - photo shows suggested quantity of four.

The creations of Le Jacquard Français feature cheerful, shimmering, luminous colors, always in keeping with the latest color trends. They spark ideas of travel, tell a story, evoke memories, reflect a desire, and help to create the soul and spirit of the room.

23" x 23"
100% Linen
Made in France
Purchase matching tablecloth


  • Before using for the first time, we recommend soaking the article in cold water without laundry detergent. Soaking in clean water removes the finish on the fabric and prevents stains from adhering to the fabric.
  • Normal 40°-60° wash.
  • We do not recommend tumble-drying as this tends to weaken the fibres and fade the fabric.
  • Iron at high temperature with steam, ideally while still slightly damp.

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