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French Apéritif Time

The weather is starting to change here in Santa Fe.  The air is crisp and the smell of burning wood fills the morning air.  Makes us start thinking about staying home, being cozy around the fireplace and entertaining during the upcoming holidays.  We are going to fill our home with our favorite stripes this year from Bon Marché.  The colors are rich and deep and create a sense of warmth and sophistication to our holiday decorations.  One thing that we use all the time is our fun cocktail napkins.  They are the perfect size to serve with appertif (the French version of apps when your guests walk through your door) and a drink.  They are small when folded but enough napkin for actually using to wipe or to hold a canapé.  We love them.  In fact, we love them for a tapas dinner, too.  And they come in these cute little crates which are also from France, and can be baked in - so its a double hostess gift for the foodies in your life.  Just add a piece of parchment paper and fill the crate like you would a baking cup.  So easy and so chic.  

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