A Bouquet Of Sharpened Pencils

A Bouquet Of Sharpened Pencils

September comes with a change in weather from warm Summer days to cool Autumn nights. Embrace the opportunity of a wardrobe change or dread the time to store away those simple breezy pieces. Tis’ the season when layering is beckoned and school bags get filled with the smells of books and school supplies.


It may be time to change back into fall looks but luckily the transition of my essential tote has already been made for me, so no change required! “How,” I ask myself, could I find something remotely comparable to my artisan crafted, leather handle bound tote bag? I call this find a shoppers’ win. Knowingly I picked out a brightly striped fabric that could be transitioned with the changes of an outfit or the layering of a few sweaters. I have successfully eliminated an extra stress from my already filled day planner.


The lack of stress is one thing to be thankful for but ability to stand out from the blending sea of students is another. I await and anticipate the moment someone asks me what part of France I have come from as they mistake me for an exchange student studying in America simply because the stripes of my Catalan and Basque woven fabric tote appear so unique and oh so French. I could not feel more chic carrying this bundle of cloned textbooks through the hallway with my Bon Marché bag, now considered a classroom essential on my list. A bonus to this new essential wardrobe item? If enjoyment of this statement piece hasn’t been enough the matching iPad case should be the winner. Fully lined for protection and customized to my choice of fabric, Bon Marché has transformed the look-a-likes of technology into something you can call your own.


Off to class!


A bientôt,


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