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A Good Chef Never Goes Without

Great meals don’t only come from just the magic touch we believe all culinary masters have inborn.
In reality much of the genius behind their final results is due in small part to the aid of the perfect
kitchen-wear and equipment. Of course a well equipped kitchen can be stocked with different
brand name items and still produce similar results, but the main purpose of these kitchen products
is that they are essential. We’re talking core items in a kitchen which produce successful meals –
stuff you just don’t skip when it comes to preparing great meals. Just as a knife is ushered under the
category of kitchen essentials, owning an apron is, too.
A good chef never goes without an apron just like an apron is never worn by a bad chef. During
meal preparation our kitchens becomes a central hub of activity for culinary creation. The kitchen
becomes a where mind and body can connect. An apron adds so much when the preparation
process takes place it seems almost absurd not to own at least one. Kitchens can be both dangerous
and beautiful at the same time, making an apron a multi-purpose item on your must have list. If
you have a gourmet cook in your life, our chef aprons could not be a more charming and fun gift to
give anytime – a hostess gift, a birthday or holiday gift, a gift for that person who has everything gift,
a just because these aprons are gorgeous and I want one gift.
Worn for centuries by men in industry and women at home, the apron quickly evolved into a cute
and functional accessory in mid-century. Perhaps thanks to cooking programs proliferating on
television and the gourmet foodie running rampant, the ubiquitous apron has become widely
popular within the professional kitchens of the world and home kitchens alike. The results of your
homemade meals to us are just as important as your nights out for a special occasion. So much
so that we insist you hang up that drab plain white apron or better yet stop ruining your work
clothes and cover up with some bright, striped color. Add color not only to your personal style
but to your kitchen, too.
Hang it where it can be enjoyed when not being used – let it decorate
your kitchen. Allow these Basque and Catalan striped canvas patterns inspire you to explore
some new approaches to old favorite recipes. A different spice here and there and a splash of color
everywhere – this is what we love at Bon Marché.




A bientôt,


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