A Taste Test Worth Talking About (Banyuls–Sur-Mer)

A Taste Test Worth Talking About (Banyuls–Sur-Mer)

Now I know this comes as no surprise, my love for things of quality that is, but I couldn’t resist tasting my way through the quaint village of Banyuls–sur–Mer. Departing from its neighboring village of Collioure, Banyuls is known for their vineyards along the mountains that touch into the sea!

So every grape is kissed by the salty air and sea breezes. Magnifique!!

You may be familiar with this coastal village through our vibrant red, orange and blue striped fabric named after this very village, and I can assure you this pattern is one that reflects accurately.

Even the grapes here are full of color ripening with hues of golden-green and amber to the intensity of garnet and deep purples made predominantly from the Grenache grapes. I can practically taste the sweetness every time I glance at this fabric.

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