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A Time For Entertaining

Want to know the key ingredient to a successfully hosted dinner party this season? It’s not your
frosted lemon centerpiece or the Yule-Tide log you present at the close of your holiday party, but
the essentials you choose to dawn on your table. The table is the main spot for all of your evening
entertaining, so does is not it make sense to adorn this sitting space with the best of the best? It’s an
essential after all; the tablecloth and its matching napkins have been a widely practiced etiquette in
the world of knowledgeable hosts with the most.
Mixing together our modern take on the traditional tablesetting, add a little flavor of the Bon
Marché color palette to your place setting this holiday. Placemats and name cards are a fun way to
show off your unique flare of entertaining, but this time don’t forget to add a pinwheel of stripes
with one of our colored napkin sets. You’ll be providing your guests with something to talk about as
you capture their attention with your brightly colored and beautifully dressed table.
Mixing modern with traditional we wish to ignite your creative entertaining with the five best ways
to place your holiday napkins.
1) The Pocket Napkin is known as one of the most simple napkin settings. Simple yet beautiful this
fold will act as the place holder for your artfully hand-crafted menus the key item for your evening
2) The Napkin Ring: this setting style is a great way to show off a festive look. Mix and match your
napkin rings or display an array of vintage holders that add to the story you tell your seated guests.
3) The Cinched Napkin setting can also be tailored as a Christmas Cracker look-a-like. With the right
ending pieces such as bells or ribbon you can create a fun atmosphere for your partygoers and even
include a little surprise wrapped inside the napkin.
4) The Draped Napkin, lies between the placemat and your tabletop dinnerware. Quite the elegant
place setting you can create a complimenting seating with the combination of a solid napkin and
your Bon Marché striped tablecloth.
5) The Festive Tree Napkin will stir up the holiday cheer with a few festive folding techniques this
upright napkin style will have little trees popping up all around your tabletop.
Send us your ideas and photos of your Bon Marche table setting this holiday season.
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