Along The Rolling Foothills

Along The Rolling Foothills

Picture the rolling hills in the Catalan Pyrénées – how gorgeous my trip to Collioure has been.

A village lying on the Mediterranean in the south of France is completely idyllic for me.

I was able to have the best of both worlds being only 15 miles from the Spanish border - oh the color, the life and culture!

Truly a postcard perfect village in between the rolling hills of the Pyrénées, and as I stand at the foothills looking into this tiny village I can see why the beautiful stripes of Bon Marché’s fabric Collioure is named after such a town.

I just had to take a piece with me, and although I do not own cattle to drape the fabric over as they put it to use here 150 years ago, I will drape my new Collioure cotton canvas fabric draped over my breakfast room table. The weaves and pattern of this fabric has created the perfect combination of charm and savoir faire for my petit déjeuner in the coming months.

Check out the Collioure pattern here:


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