Color Therapy - Curing Depression With Color

Color Therapy - Curing Depression With Color

If you’ve browsed Bon Marche, from store to website you know we’re all about color. To say we have a love for color may be an understatement. Color happens to be one of the key words which defines us. We believe that bringing color to the table, with a small family gathering or a big neighborhood BBQ, or to the body, in a little pair of colorful espadrilles or a piece of luggage to spice up the ever popular black suitcase, influences one’s mood, emotions and behavior. We’ve noticed that just adding a little pop of modern, intense color to a traditional style whether it be in table linens or the market tote you carry around, gives you a little extra energy. It makes you smile to see such fun, interesting color patterns.

With our passion for color and locally produced products, we’ve taken a particular interest in Homer Laughlin’s Fiesta Ware and his concept of brightening up the table. Featured on CBS Morning News over the last two weeks, this 76 year old company made it’s mark during the time of the Great Depression seeking to use their colorful dinnerware as an antidote to the economic depressing times. Turing the mud from the banks of the Ohio river into beautiful pieces of clay pottery this all American based company also prides itself in the concept of brightening the table and giving people something to be happy about. Battling with the many shades of grey during the Great Depression, the idea of colorful clay table wear not only brought a different attitude to the family dinner time but aided in providing jobs for the people that lived there. Just like the creation of Fiesta Ware, Bon Marche continues to exercise the value of its century old weaving tradition and serve its customers with locally crafted products made with a little something happy.


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