Dad’s Inner French: The Catalan Griller Vs. The South Of France Wine Connoisseur

Flipping through the weekly catalogs I know that I am not alone when I postpone the thought of buying a gift for Dad this weekend. Successfully having filled his toolbox with numerous variations of the wrench from the local hardware store, I know a change is in order. The real question at hand, what and from where?


Offering me easy-go-to gift sets, Bon Marché has put together two of the most picture perfect dads under the Mediterranean sun: The Catalan Griller vs. the South of France Wine Connoisseur. Tailoring these beautiful colors and bold stripes, Bon Marche has transformed their yards of fabric into practical pieces dads can’t resist.


Setting up for the Sunday night grill out, this celebration will be complete with the addition of a perfect apron and oven mitt set. With the complimenting colors woven into the canvas fabric, this gift set will add something unique to his daily dad lifestyle. Why not throw in a patterned dish towel, too?


Appealing to his inner French it may be a better approach to celebrate dad with a few bottles of his favorite bottle of Collioure rouge. This widely celebrated French wine from the coast of the Catalan region can make a grand appearance in dad’s wine cellar with a Bon Marché wine tote in hand to carry it to the next dinner party. Four dividers within and a sturdy woven handle it won’t just be the fabric pattern impressing the family on Sunday nights.


Happy Father’s Day it will be indeed!

A bientôt, Alex

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