Fashion Doesn't End In The Kitchen

Fashion Doesn't End In The Kitchen

When it comes to dining and serving etiquette what is acceptable varies greatly from culture to culture. 

For example, the French carry in their culture a sophisticated yet relaxed attitude around their dining experiences.  You will see more sophistication in formal French restaurants but even the typical evening meal at home will have a level of sophistication in how the food is prepared and presented that makes a Tuesday evening meal feel more intentional and special.   While in the presence of good company the French are never in a hurry to end a meal, and time is never of the essence.  The enjoyment of good food with good people is searched for and found and savored.


The Bon Marché approach likes to emulate this European concept of valuable gathering time. How lovely it would feel for our sanity today if meals on time schedules weren’t in the picture. Let us suggest the simple action of taking away the microwave and T.V. and embracing time together preparing healthy meals. It sounds comical writing out such a suggestion that should be so natural, but the truth is the revolution of convenient products, high speed and modern day chaos has taken over.  Sadly today it seems we choose rapid results over intentional time together, gathered around a table - sharing.


The solution to this new age funk? Simple, take time to make time. Start with the importance of presentation and bring good company into your home. Dressing up the table with a tablecloth, placemats or a simple runner, even just for two, will turn around your speed-filled dinner into a slow-cooker lifestyle.   Light those candles and soon you will see you’ll want to appreciate this new approach to dining every night instead of just once in a blue moon.


Dining for one? Never let such a thing stop you from enjoying the beauty of a well dressed table.  Simply light a candle and use a cloth napkin – even on the coffee table.  Make it special! I have always had a greater appreciation for those who are able to just sit and enjoy the world passing around them. Imagine yourself, sitting on a bistro chair surrounded by a picturesque café sipping your latte. A calming much less stressed sense of your daily activities will begin to flush into your senses. Join us as we slow down our busy lifestyles and redefine proper etiquette the Bon Marché way.



A bientôt,


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