French And Japanese Aesthetics – Rediscovering The Kimono

With France being the fashion capital of the world it seems almost silly to branch out into different cultures for new styles and inspiration. It’s true, at Bon Marché, we are in love with our cotton canvas from the Pyrenees - modern stripes and bold colors. But we are completely inspired by Japanese culture, and so we cannot resist adding a touch of Japanese attention to detail to our own inspired fabrics.


We treasure the tradition in the simple things such as the idea of homemade and artisan crafted, the simple lines of stripes and the straight forward and bold colors from a well chosen palette. The Japanese have a similar love for small details like caring for bonsai or learning the complex yet simple discipline of the tea ceremony.


Falling back to the basics of Japanese Fashion, Bon Marché felt inspired to recreate the historically classic look of the Kimono. Although the outside look of the Kimono comes across as a simple piece of fashion, a closer look into the wraps and ties came to show that this traditional robe was anything but simple.


With the outline of a classic Kimono on our drawing table we decided to add a little French twist from the fabrics of Bon Marché to complete the look. Following our motto and our beliefs with the use of color, you can without a doubt expect this item to be a WOW factor and addition to our collection. We’ve used a bright solid washed Italian linen as the base of the garment and added our striped fabrics for an accent the obi, a traditional belt for the kimono. Trimmed and detailed with care, the Kimono, like all of our products, has been handmade by the finest artisan tailor right here in Santa Fe.


Be sure to attend the debut of the newest piece to our collection at our in store event his Saturday, August 11th from 9 to 2. We will celebrate the beauty and simplicity of Japanese and French Aesthetics.Our own handmade Linen Kimono Jackets Leather and Canvas Obi Belts from our collection of French stripes Select Bronze Jewelry from CrowHeart Iced Green Tea Tasting and Japanese Sweets by Satori


Handmade - Unique - Beautiful

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