Ode To The Humble Espadrille

Ode To The Humble Espadrille

From sandal to slipper, my love for last week’s weekender has rapidly spread to my ever-growing love for this pair of espadrilles. Almost a too perfect summer shoe, this jute rope woven sole with a canvas upper has already taken me countless miles. On top of a great airport terminal walking shoe and a perfect slip off shoe for the airport security line, my espadrilles have turned into the ultimate summer companion in the city, at the beach or lounging at home.


Ask me about my summer, and I’ll assure you that this pair was there to enjoy it with me. At the family’s July Fourth BBQ celebration, certainly, this pair played the role as a back up napkin for the fallen food that our puppy dined on under the table. This summer’s father-daughter fishing trip to the lake, - these espadrilles became a handy grounding device on rough waters with their rubber sole having been soaked due to a small leak that got bigger and bigger throughout the day. From picnics to hikes, dog walks to bike rides, parting with the summer season seems harder to do than ever before.


An overwhelming nostalgia for these summer feelings go hand in hand with my love for my partner in crime, this infamous pair of espadrilles. Through this season’s countless adventures, my espadrilles, like a best friend who’s hard to part with, connect me to all the memories of my favorite parts of this summer season that I simply don’t want to part with this Autumn.


I refuse to give up the sweet taste of summer peaches and seeded watermelons from our local farmers market.


I refuse to give up the weekends at the lake and floating down the river. The summer night sky and the ability to picnic at any point in the day.


I refuse to say goodbye to my neighborhood lemonade stand on the sidewalk, even if the sugar to lemon ratio is off.


I refuse to give up my espadrilles and will stall this summer statement piece for as long as I can.


Providing me with comfort and durability my espadrilles have shown style benefits, too. I’ve noticed a pair of espadrilles can be combined with any outfit. With its unique stripe pattern and various color palette combinations. There’s a reason why the Catalan people have worn this shoe, pretty much just as it is now since the 14th century.


As the summer comes to an end, a moment of time which will inevitably move on from me, my dear old espadrilles will continue on my journey. Making a quick turnaround for the fall season I will happily dance through Autumn with my pair of espadrilles. Until a blanket of white snowflakes begin to cover the ground my espadrilles will continue to walk the great outdoors with me, until I am forced to convert them into house slippers for the winter season.

A bientôt, Alex

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