Oh The Places You'll Go... Technology & Bon Marché

Oh the places you’ll go, the sites you’ll explore with an iPad, or a laptop and more.


At the touch of your fingertips, today’s sources of technology go well beyond anything your parents’ parents’ parents ever thought possible. With an app for this and an e-book for that the many forms of technology today has become a limitless and an inescapable part of our everyday lives.


When talking about technology this week we wanted to highlight the idea of putting the style back into these everyday items. Why can’t your essential accessories be just as chic as your daily wardrobe? Playing such a prominent part in our everyday lives some of our electronics rarely leave the grasp of our fingertips! The Bon Marché way says if you’re going to hold something that long why not have something fabulous to hold it in? It’s time to go beyond your typical silicon and look-a-like cases and dive into a world of color. Follow us on our never ending color patterns and surely you’ll never want to go back to the norm.


You’ve followed the popular trends enough! With your now common gadget being today’s media buzz, what better time to become a trendsetter and be the one leading the tech trends. With your Bon Marché iPad sleeve or laptop messenger bag, that commute to the office will seem a little brighter in an office full of basic black briefcases and non descript totes.


The craftsmanship of these products may very well outshine the product it’s holding, with leather accents on all products and a quality lining to nestle and protect. Our love for anything artisan crafted is clear and sure, and I can’t express enough the amount of care and time put into the craftsmanship of our products for you. Valuing the idea of paying attention to the smallest detail, each item we create has the same care whether we are dressing your table or creating a padded sleeve or messenger that protects your latest toy.

A bientôt, Alex

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