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Table Moderne

Stripes are the new black. We’ve been encouraging you to keep those ties to traditions strong but
now we’re strongly encouraging that you tie those traditions with some of our brightly striped
napkins, runners and tablecloths. Consider this a little twist of the modern lifestyle if you will.
The traditional holiday table has evolved, and we aren’t the only ones talking about it. Take your
table setting up a notch from those orange/brown Thanksgiving motifs and the red and green
for Christmas that has always been around and do something fun! Explore your inner rainbow
and bathe your dining room in a sea of our multi-colored striped canvas linens. Thanksgiving
and Christmas can be fuschia, turquoise, khaki, olive and yellow!!! Our stripes simply go with
We’re not asking you to set aside the passed down family cookbook, actually we don’t want that at
all. We embrace your family traditions a hundred percent. Our stripes may become a replacement
for your average tablecloths but no amount of modern fabric will ever replace your mother’s
homemade pecan pie.
Putting this holiday in a new perspective for you we propose a little tweaking of your traditional
place settings the Bon Marché way. We know that once these woven fabrics touch the dining area
your company will be struck in awe. We know, because we get a similar reaction from the new
customers who come into our shop. At first, it may just be all about the colors but being able to offer
an original and unique story about your linens opens up a whole new experience for you and your
table. Our weaving traditions become part of your family traditions.
Thank you for including us at your family table this holiday!
A bientôt,

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