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The Benefits Of Big Luxuries

Yes, cotton canvas bag with beautifully striped fabric and hand crafted genuine leather handles, I
will invest in you. With your effortless weekender style, chic look and durability, why wouldn’t I
consider you for my excess amounts of luggage…a bad habit that I contribute to my over-packing
This is the thought that whirled through my head as I tumbled over this long-thought-through purchase. I gave in, and I will admit the weekender was a real worthwhile splurge. Add it to my
closet of collectable luxuries - this bag has definitely been an investment in my wardrobe. What makes this canvas and leather weekender so special?
The Artisan Weekender Bag isn’t something comparable to other finds in your everyday shopping
mall. Its rarity is contributed to the detailed, unique features that you will find around each seam
and stitch. You’ve always wanted a crowd stopper, that one item in your wardrobe that stands out
from the crowd that you know no one else will have. Trust me when I say that you can now cross
that item off the list because the Bon Marché weekender is it. This canvas and leather weekender
is both an elegant and functional zipped tote. From a carry-on to a car trunk tote the weekender is versatile and large enough to hold more than just your weekend essentials. We view this Bon Marche staple as a luxury to complete your individual style. It has been crafted with the same French chic sensibility and unique quality, as its future owner possesses.
Sometimes our efforts to live within a budget can consume us. It is best at these moments to take
a day of self-appreciation and leave the price tag turned the other way. If it’s something of quality
that you know you love, you will soon find that your love will only grow to be greater and develop
into a high level of appreciation. The concept of luxuries may be looked down upon in today’s
economy but the Bon Marché way believes 100% in the occasional feel good treat. Consider this
pampering item well deserved… helping slow that busy lifestyle of yours to enjoy the little things in
life (or large weekender bag in this case). Feel rewarded with your desire and the end result will be
a lifetime of style investment.
A bientôt,


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