The Bon Marché Quintessential Accessory

The Bon Marché Quintessential Accessory

The quintessential accessory for me and all my women friends has always been the bag.

Whether it’s a tote, beach bag, side satchel or clutch this pouch style carrier holds all the necessary items a busy woman needs. How do the men of this world do it? The depth of menswear pockets these days must measure a significant size larger, longer, and wider not to force the fashion houses of the world to dub the man-purse as a staple item on the runway. Although our messenger bags, weekenders and totes are a perfect solution to men and women needing a daily bag for their necessities.

I think most would agree that the concept of the handbag has evolved to something greater than just a functional utility item. Bags have become a status symbol, a reflection of group identity or individualism. No matter your choice, the bag speaks volumes about you. Your choice of color, shape and size of a bag defines your mood, your overall look and can quite simply make or break an outfit.


I know for some the search for that perfect bag can be long and tedious. Seems we are always searching for the perfect bag. Here at Bon Marché, we are always seeking to design the perfect bag. Why so much effort put into one look? Well, it contains our life away from home, doesn’t it? Everything I need to get through my day until I get back to home base nestles inside my best bag. Then if it contains my whole world, it should reflect me perfectly. Why not choose something that holds all necessary qualities in a great bag? Don’t settle for one attribute of a great bag - get them all. A Bon Marché suggestion? Something artisan, something which is handmade, quality and individual. Stand out with a bag that is unique, one of a kind and layered with color. The Bon Marché weekender, handbag, messenger, ipad case, market tote, beach bag, cosmetic bag. We have a statement piece for every need. Check them all out here: accessories/


A bientôt, Alex

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