The Last Minute Shopper

The Last Minute Shopper

It seems to become a familiar habit for special occasions and this time of year  - the last minute gift scramble. Most of us go about these shopping excursions quietly convincing ourselves it’s just another weeknight trip of browsing the aisles. It wouldn’t be shy from the truth that the person behind you in line is doing the same thing and knows the real reason the both of you are out this strange hour grabbing for one of the last on the shelf. You may convince yourself your secret is well kept, but next time you’ll notice how many other people are trying to hide this last minute gifting, too.


Procrastination, lack of time, finding the gift for the person that has everything - all reasons for the last minute gift shopper. Although it may cause momentary stress, it is a dilemma easily solved by this simple Bon Marché holiday gift tip.  Join in on our concept of the gift basket. An idea that lends itself to that indecisive shopper or perhaps have-it-all receiver.  


Gift baskets are a wonderful gift to give, and such a simple and quick way to reflect true thoughtfulness on a holiday such as this one. With gift baskets there is no need to find THE perfect gift, but instead gives the opportunity to find the little sentimental gifts which in turn may end up being more meaningful its receiver. The accumulation of little gifts all presented with that personal and homemade touch is what makes the practice of gift giving, unique.  Try our Los Poblanos lavender products in a bread basket – all wrapped with ribbon – or nestle a handsoap and a hand lotion in a dish towel for the gourmet cook in your family.

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