Traditional Places And Familiar Faces

Today, I’ve been thinking about family get-togethers. The ones I remember the most and hold
so close are those of my traditional family gatherings. These gatherings, most of which have all
occurred on major holidays, have always been pictured for me as time of happiness.
I don’t think many would disagree when I say the establishment of a family tradition, especially
on a celebrated holiday, creates a lasting cherished memory among family members. During the
time of childhood isn’t it especially important to begin such traditions. As a kid I thought the way
we did was the way it was always done.
This is most likely the reason our childhood memories of these moments are left so permanently pictured in our mind.
The impact left on people of a simple celebrated holiday such as Thanksgiving or Christmas is truly amazing. Our memories become
stirred by daily reminders – and I find my own nostalgia of warm fuzzy feelings is created.
Little tokens like a pumpkin spiced latte from your favorite coffee shop or special edition peppermint
bark on the market shelves around the first snow fall brings a rush of greatly anticipated holiday
behaviors we always associate with holidays.
It’s the comfort of tradition that gets me every time and the feeling of knowing I will be welcomed
with some of my favorite meal time dishes upon my arrival home. The comfort of knowing my Aunt
will only consider bringing her famous pumpkin pie as her contribution to our dinner table, Dad’s
stuffing that will fill more than half of my plate and the stovetop brewed hot chocolate to greet me
as I walk into the kitchen. Tradition can come in so many little ways we don’t always realize but the
true beauty of tradition is the familiarity and security that it always comes with.
A bientôt,
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