About us

Welcome to Bon Marché where we are passionate about celebrating and entertaining!

We believe that spending time around the table is fundamental to a good life. We sit together and share our food, our stories and our lives.

Our carefully selected artisan-made linens, furnishings, accessories, gifts and products from the French countryside create an intimate, unique setting for life’s daily celebrations.

A beautiful tablecloth, a few tapas and a good bottle of wine are all you need to create a special evening where friends gather and talk about what is important – joie de vivre!

The colors and designs are contemporary and fresh while they echo the old traditions. Life is modern but the essentials are ancient – we gather together to share.

Join us at the table.

Our Story

The French seem to have such an intimate understanding of lingering around a table for hours. When I met my French husband over ten years ago, I had no idea how much he would change the way I approach food, the dining experience and entertaining in our home.

I have always loved having lunch with friends and dinners where we spend time hearing each others’ stories but only since being properly trained in French dining etiquette by a French person who preaches his gospel of eating 24 hours a day have I understood how sacred is this experience.

To have the pleasure of time, gathered at a table with people we love, eating food that we have lovingly and thoughtfully prepared and being truly present to that moment is a luxurious gift and such an intimate experience.

Our linens inspire that same passion for dining and entertaining. The colors, patterns, history and quality all echo the French love and enthusiasm for eating together and sharing a special moment in a beautiful surrounding – a dressed table with vibrant color and casual elegance – you just need to light the candles and open the wine.

History of Our Fabric

Our linens are of the highest quality using artisan made fabrics from premium threads of dyed cotton that are warp and weft-twisted, fast colors. The exuberant colors are modern and fresh. The origin of these fabrics echo the 150-year tradition of placing linens over the backs of the cows and burros on the farms to protect them from the heat of the Mediterranean sun. The larger the stripes in the pattern of the fabric that draped the cow or burro signified the wealth of the owner of the land. Today, each modern design represents a different province or village within the Basque and Catalan regions.

Personal Shopping Service

Lé Bon Marché’s complimentary Personal Shopping service ensures that you never miss those coveted items. Whatever your taste our team of Personal Shoppers will ensure you have all the best trends first. Find out more about Personal Shopping by contacting us.

Visit us

66 W. Marcy Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Open Monday-Friday from 11 to 6 or by appointment, call 505-995-1000.

Host a Trunk Show or a Pop Up Shop

We love to entertain and showcase our products in special places around the country. If you would be interested in hosting a trunk show in your home or business, contact us and let's talk. We travel to various locations during the year to bring some chic color to our customers' hometowns and just might be coming your way soon.