Why Buy iSiMAR from Bon Marché

We’ve been selling outdoor metal patio furniture since 2010, and we love to interact with the colors, enhance your selection with our free design service, and find new, inspiring combinations for our customers. We have a team of talented, European influenced designers who have a gift for making you feel safe about your choices, dream in color, and feel excited about your purchase – a purchase that makes your home and your patio so much happier.

We work with the furniture daily – we live around it, pack it, handle it, ship it, lift it, move it, and design lots of patios with it. So when it’s time to make such a big decision, we’ve got your back and our French aesthetic is available and just a phone call away. Let us help you make those big, fun, and sometimes intimidating buying decisions. We look at lots of phone photos of people’s homes everyday and help you create the space you always wanted.

We look forward to earning your business!

Jean-Philippe, Amy, Laurence, Devon, Antonio, Deja, Jake, Anthony, and Robin

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