Quality Things Come In Small Packages

Quality Things Come In Small Packages

What makes something of quality? What types of purchases do you feel so inclined to cherish?

For me quality is reflected through the details. Details usually represent little intricacies that take the time and patience to form your much loved finished product.  Whether hand-beaded or created with specialty stitching, all details reflect the time from another and the knowledge of an artisan. Far from the title of home-made and bordering the category of a craft it’s the little details that shine out in the world of luxuries.


Simply put details represent luxury, luxury represents quality and quality represents a product that will last. Time alone put into that one item defines the idea of quality and can now be an item of your own. Go ahead and invest on a piece that will last longer than a season but a lifetime. From the hand woven basket to a single embroidered napkin, these are all tokens that you know no one else will own. With this special connection can be reassured that because something like the item we describe holds a connection with you, you know no one will appreciate it to the same extent which you do.


In the mind of the consumer today having this type of ownership is invaluable. Products made by the masses and offered at lower prices may bring you temporary joy but these qualities only decrease the concept of luxury and aids to the idea of a fast trend cloned through mass production overseas.


Proving to you that luxuries don’t have to be large to be worthy of such a title we offer you the small luxury token items of Bon Marche. Act on the details of your thoughts when you purchase your gifts this season. Don’t just go for the big box named item because it’s easy, but put together a gift set of smaller items with a greater quality. Practice on the detail of  your thoughtfulness when you combine a festive wine stopper, a nice bottle of your favorite of red wrapped artfully in one of our colorful dishtowels for presentation to your hostess.


A bientôt,


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