Fermob 1900 Chair in Capucine

Capucine is the blend between orange zest and pink playfulness to give a taste of pure summer.

This color has many ties to both the land and water. For one, it’s the french word for the nasturtium plant which flowers vibrant pink and orange.

The vibrant color of the precious corals skeletons decorating the sea floor not only inspired jewelry since the ancient Egyptians but also the myth of Poseidon’s castle. Later, the salmon swimming the rivers gave name to a similar color in the 1700s.

Capucine is the flavorful punch needed in any space.

Cocotte Low Table & Stool in Capucine

Capucine with Linen & Rosemary

Bistro Chairs & Balad Lamp in Capucine, Deep Blue, Cotton & Storm Grey