Pink Praline


Fermob Acapulco Blue Ribambelle

Pink Praline is as passionate as any red and as indulgent as biting into your favorite ice cream.

The fuschsia plant blooms a wonderfully charming flower after which this color was named in the 19th century. Similarly, a pink dye named "fuchsine" by a French chemist was later renamed Magenta to celebrate the Italian-French victory at the Battle of Magenta.

While western culture often associates the color pink with femininity, it was not always considered so. Prior to the assignment of blue for boys and pink for girls in the 1940s by marketing departments, pink was considered a strong color associated with the male gender. Other cultures, like Japan, also consider it quite masculine.

As the original gender-neutral color, Pink Praline will call to any color connoisseur with its bold, decadent style statement.

Bellevie Bench in Pink Praline

Pink Praline with Capucine

Bistro Chair in Pink Praline