Acapulco Blue


Fermob Acapulco Blue Ribambelle

Acapulco Blue combines the calm of blue, the freshness of green, and channels the vastness of both the sea and sky.

Teal is often considered to be a form of blue which, interestingly enough, was one of the last colors to be described in history. Beforehand, the Greeks referred to the ocean as “wine-dark” which is appropriate for the richness of this teal.

Teal’s namesake is the common teal duck whose blue-green feathers inspired the use of the color in both uniforms and mid-20th century interior design. The year 1917 was the first time the English used the word “teal” to describe the color.

Acuapulco is a complex color that brings a rich tranquil elegance to any space.

Bellevie Collection in Acapulco Blue with Flannel Grey cushions

Acapulco Blue with Lagoon Blue & Cactus

Caractére Table & La Mome Chairs in Acapulco Blue paired with Cedar Green & Deep Blue