Cedar Green


Fermob 1900 Hanging Armchair in Cedar Green

Cedar Green is as tranquil and lush as a soothing wind blowing through a shaded wood

This eponymous green mimics the needles of cedar and pine trees—evergreen throughout the year. The timeless color was named in England in 1923 as “pine green”.

A similar hue, Irish Green, came to symbolize Ireland along with the shamrock plant. It officially became a color in the 1820’s and it is used on the national flag of The Republic of Ireland. This green is often associated with luck because of the four leaf clover and it's considered customary to wear it in some countries on St. Patrick’s Day.

Cedar Green is an lush option for those wanting to lose themselves in dreams of thick foliage.

Bistro 24" Table and Chairs in Cedar Green

Cedar Green with Nutmeg

1900 Armchair in Cedar Green