Fermob Luxembourg Stacking Side Chair in Honey

Honey is the epitome of warm, summer sunshine and as rich as pure nectar.

The pigment yellow has deep, iconic ties in history, art and nature with its immediate visual recognition in the sun, flowers, food and minerals. In fact, yellow orchre inspired the prehistoric people in southeastern France to create images of animals in the cave of Lascaux approximately 17,000 years ago. The ancient Egyptians continued the love for the color as they also used it to decorate their walls—and because yellow is often linked to gold, it came to symbolize forever immortalizing them in riches.

Another material known not only for its yellow hue but also for its precious preservation is amber. Amber first came to be recognized as a color in 1500, but has a more ancient history in jewelry making beginning in the stone age, leading to its association with wealth.

Honey is the color that radiates with delight and exuberance, livening up any space.

Surprising Chair in Honey

Honey with Storm Grey

Louisiane Bench in Honey