Anthracite holds strength in black while having the softness and creativity of graphite sliding against paper.

Fermob Bebop Tables in Anthracite

The metallic luster of the hardened carbon gives this color the perfect namesake of Anthracite—one of the purest ranking coals. Its precusor, Jet, was used in jewelry and other ornamentation from the Romans to the Native Americans.

Charcoal is the similar yet softer relative to coal. It was first named a color in 1606 as artists not only loved the medium, but its subtle color as a dark grey with a hint of blue. The burnt wood also gave an easy and strong pigment for prehistoric people to create wonderful works of early human expression.

Anthracite is a subtle, staple color that creates a sense of refinement.

Pair With:

Storm Grey


Lagoon Blue

Steel Grey



Bistro Chairs & 46-inch Table in Anthracite

Anthracite with Steel Grey

Bellevie Three-seater Sofa, Two-seater Sofa, Chairs & Low Table in Anthracite