Cotton White


Cotton White is crisp as fresh snow, soft as a cloud and a breath of fresh air.

Fermob Sixties Collection in Cotton White

White is integral throughout history as being one of the first pigments to influence current design. It has often been used to symbolize status in ancient cultures and religions. Queen Victoria’s white lace wedding dress inspired the present tradition in the west. White medical uniforms represented cleanliness, and reinforced safety and purity.

It’s an achromatic color, meaning it is a color without a hue, and it is a great neutral to bounce off of other colors without any heaviness. This white has the added benefit of having hint of grey to ease the starkness of pure white.

Cotton White offers an ageless, yet modern feeling perfect to brighten your life.

Sixties Low Armchair in Cotton White

Cotton White with Storm Grey

Luxembourg Duo Low Armchair in Cotton White