Fermob Dune in Rosemary

Rosemary awakens you into an amorous and aromatic sensation rooted in cool green.

The herb of this color’s namesake—along with the similar green of sage—invokes a feeling of good health with its ties to folk medicine and its earthy addition to many healthful foods. Both were important to ancient Egyptians and the Mediterranean culture. “Sage” was first referred to as a wise and good person by the classical philosophers of Greece.

This is a unique neutral as it is more grey than green. Its cool mood creates a rustic yet modern feel with allusions to both the earth and concrete, and offers a subtle hint of romance with it's call to cherished fragrant herbs.

Rosemary engages all the senses and invites calm relaxation in any space.

Basket Planter in Rosemary

Rosemary with Lagoon Blue

Alizé Deck Chair in Rosemary