Fermob Basket Long Planter
Fermob Basket Long Planter - bonmarche

Fermob Basket Long Planter

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The Fermob Long Basket Planter is a graphically inspired makeover of the traditional planter resulting in a smart and stylish addition to your patio and garden. It's size and shape also makes it a great alternative terrace separator. With a user-friendly water discharge system and removable feet and trays, this planter will become your indispensable outdoor planting and gardening partner.


Fermob Item Code: 3230
Fermob Basket Long Planter Technical Sheet (pdf, 355kb)

DIMENSIONS: 21" x 47"
VOLUME: 11 gallsons
WEIGHT: 25lbs


  • Steel rod frame and handle.
  • Aluminium trays.
  • Two holes to let water out at each end of the trays with plugs.
  • Feet and trays separable.
  • Very High Protection Treatment for outdoor use.
  • Anti-UV powder coating.


Put plants in the trays, leaving them in their original containers.
If you want to put the plants in earth, it is recommended to line the bottom of the tray with either a geotextile or drainage beads. In both cases, do not allow water to stagnate.

Category: Fermob Furniture
made in France

Fermob Long Garden Planter Fermob Long Garden Planter Fermob Long Garden Planter Fermob Long Garden Planter

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