Bellevie 77x35 Dining Table With Storage

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Fermob Bellevie 77x35 Dining Table With Storage

Fermob Bellevie 77x35 Dining Table With Storage

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Color: Cotton white

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This table is perfect for socializing, a value that Fermob holds dear. The recessed storage compartment is perfect for keeping bottles close at hand, but not blocking the view of guests across the table. The central bay is also ideal for storing place settings, salt and pepper, and napkins to prevent them from blowing away.

Once closed the storage compartment adds a decorative style to this piece, with teak covers that keep it hidden from sight and serve as a runner where you can place candles, flowers, and more! The dual-faced covers have a smooth surface that sits flush to the table top of one side and a grooved surface that sits slightly proud on the other so they can serve as trivets.

Fermob Bellevie 77x35" Table with storage on patio by pool


STORAGE: 3.5"-6" deep 


  • Aluminum sheet table top
  • Flat aluminum base
  • 4 teak covers
  • Set of 2 leg runners provided for rain runoff
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight: 77
Fermob Item Number: 8434
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