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Fermob Chair Stacking Pads

Fermob Chair Stacking Pads

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We stock as many popular colors as we can get and are ready to ship. We also have incoming stock that is available for delivery in less than 30 days. Some special colors require 12-14 weeks for delivery. Feel free to call us to discuss design and color options (505) 995-1000.

Set of 4 Stacking Pads for:

  • 8960 Alize Low Table
  • 8401 Bellevie Chair
  • 0270 Bistro Balcony Table
  • All Luxembourg Seating (except Rocking Chair)
  • Petale Tables
  • Rendez-Vous Chair
  • Rythmic Chair
  • Surprising Chairs
  • Stripe Chair
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:
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