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Fermob Mini Balad Charging Station (for set of 6 mini lamps)

$159.00 This item ships free
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This Fermob Mini Balad Charging station charges the Set of Six 5 inch Balad lamps with an easy to secure magnet system. The pack comes with a 6 foot USB cable and can be affixed to a wall or placed on a counter.

Fermob Set of Six Mini Balad Lamps lifestyle image

Lamps sold separately. View Fermob Set of Six Mini Balad Lamps


  • 6-point charging unit for 6 x Balad H.5" lamps
  • Magnet system to secure lamp to unit
  • Aluminum shell
  • Battery charges when lamp is affixed to unit (with magnet)
  • 2 notches on the rear – can be affixed flush to the wall (horizontally or vertically)
  • Supplied with 2-meter USB cable
  • Anti-UV powder coating

Fermob item number: 3643

Technical Specifications: download pdf

Category: Fermob Furniture
made in France

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