Fermob Bistro Chaise Lounge in Aubergine

Aubergine has the intensity of blue coupled with the desire of red that would rival any legendary romance.

This deep purple inspired by the eggplant was first named by the English in 1915; however, in French, German, and British English it is referred to as “aubergine”. Violet is considered to be such a popular hue in France that a more vibrant version is considered “French Violet”.

This dark purple by the same name was also emulated in a Crayola crayon in the 90’s and coined a rich violet as “grape” in the same period as well.

Aubergine is an indulgent color full of dignified romance that will create a sense of luxurious grace in your personal spaces.

Basket Planter in Aubergine

Aubergine with Pink Praline

Long Basket Planter in Aubergine