Opaline Green


Fermob Opaline Green

Opaline Green is a combination of smooth sea glass and the coolness of the morning sea.

The decorative glass made in France, known as opaline, was first created in the 19th century and its use peaked during Napoleon IIIs reign. It was known for its opaque and pastel colors. Similarly, the muted green of the Chinese ceramic, Celadon, evokes a similar hue.

While Celadon was created in the 10th century, the color name may have gained its popularity from a 17th century French novel, L’Astree, whose character was named after the very same ceramic and wore the light green-blue color as well.

Opaline Green will live up to its namesake and cultivate refreshing opalescence for your home.

Opaline Green with Acapulco Blue

Opaline Green with Anthracite

Opaline Green with Frosted Lemon