Frosted Lemon


Fermob Frosted Lemon

Frosted Lemon is as refreshingly sweet and zesty as lemonade while having the decadence of a chiffon.

Pastel yellow is in reference to the faint, powdered pigments first used by artists in 1662, which later became a popular medium in the 18th century.

The pale yellow color was also named after a Spanish Netherland ruler in the 16th century, Isabella Clara Eugenia. She was known for her pale skin and light yellow hair. The name “Isabelline” came to describe the color of handmade lace and animal colors such as pale palomino horses and bird plumage.

Frosted Lemon is a color that bursts into delicate amusement, sure to delight your home.

Frosted Lemon with Rosemary

Frosted Lemon with Honey

Frosted Lemon with Capucine